3 Spring Activities to Do with Kids

Spring is right around the corner and we are more than ready for some warmer weather! We are already planning out all the fun springtime activities and crafts that we'll get to do! So we thought we'd share a few of those activities with you all so that you could join in on the fun! 


Flower Play Dough

One of my personal favorite parts of spring are all the beautiful plants that begin to sprout up, including the lovely bursts of color from the flowers! When I found this flower play dough recipe that incorporates real petals, I immediately added it to our list! You can find the recipe here

Egg Carton Seed Starter

Speaking of plants, what is more fun than getting to teach our children about how plants grow than by showing them! With a simple egg carton, your kiddos will be growing their own green friends in no time! The fascination of creating a home for the seeds and then watching them go from seeds to small sprouts will be a memory your children will treasure! Learn how to make these seed starters right over here!

Tornado in a Bottle

Depending on where you live, spring time may mean lots of rain or even possibly some tornados! This simple, but fun activity is a great way to have a short science lesson without your children even knowing! You can learn how to make this tornado bottle, as well as other weather activities here!  

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