3 Yummy Halloween Treats

3 Yummy Halloween Treats

Trick or treat! Forget the overly sugar coated candy and check out these super yummy Halloween treats that are sure to make your kiddos smile! Easy to make, fun to do and most of all, still just as good as any candy out there!


1. Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies

These tasty sugar cookies are the perfect treat to bake with your little one because not only are they delicious, but they are a blast to decorate! 

Check out the full recipe here!


2. Candy Skull Crushers

For our skull loving friends out there, these spooky candy skulls are a great Halloween candy alternative! Completely vegan, they will be a favorite among everyone!

Learn how to make them over at Wallflower Kitchen!


3. Apple Mummies

Looking for something quick, but festive? Look no further! These adorable apple mummies are super easy to do and as a plus, they're a great healthy snack for your little ones! You'll be one happy "mummy" serving these! 

See how to create this mummy look here

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