5 Easy and Fun Nature Crafts

5 Easy and Fun Nature Crafts











Spring has sprung! I don't know about you, but we love being outside this time of year! We also love creating and making crafts, so what's better than combining the two? 

We're sharing 5 of our favorite simple, but fun nature crafts that you and your little ones can do together! Whether you have a curious 18 month old or an artistic 5 year old, these crafts are perfect for all young ages! You may be surprised to even find yourself enjoying them! 

So here goes!


1. Grass Picture Frame

One of the simplest crafts out there, but also one of the cutest! If your kids love to draw, then this is a great way to add a little something extra to their pictures. Head outside for the afternoon, grab a bag and spend some time picking grass. Break out some paper and let your kids draw as they normally would, then take some glue and make a frame with the grass!

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2.  Celery Stamp

Most towns have a Farmer's Market that starts up during the spring. Visits to our local Farmer's Market is something we look forward to each Saturday. While you're there, grab a stalk of celery. Not only does it make for a great snack, but cut the end off and let your little ones dip it paint to use it as a stamp and paint beautiful flowers! 

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3. Leaf Painting

In the fall, we love gathering the beautiful leaves up to make crafts with. When spring rolls around, there are just as many to choose from, they usually just have a little more flexibility to them this time of year, which allows for some new types of crafts. We found this idea over at Jump over to her site for all the details!

4. Nature Printing

I had never seen this done before, but this craft makes for a great gift! Because of the tool that is required (a mallet), there will be some adult assistance needed. The idea is to gather flowers, then lay a piece of fabric over them. Using a mallet, you mash out the juices of the flowers to create a masterpiece on the cloth. The kids will love picking their flowers and then arranging them under the cloth! To see step by step and some designs, jump over to!


5. Suncatchers

This little craft is also an awesome gift to give, and with Mother's Day right around the corner, it's quick, easy and the kids will have just as much fun making it as mom will have receiving it! Visit to get the step by step instructions on how to create it!

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