5 Vegan Friendly Snacks For This Fall

5 Vegan Friendly Snacks For This Fall

Fall is just around the corner! We don't know about you, but we love the beautiful crisp weather, the autumn colors and of course, all the delicious comfort food!

Being the foodies we are, we want to share 5 quick and easy, but oh, so yummy fall favorites for your little one! 

The best part about these recipes, they're all VEGAN!

1. Homemade Apple and Pumpkin Baby Food

    This quick go to puree has only 3 ingredients to it: Water, pumpkins and apples! We believe in feeding our babies the freshest foods when possible so eating foods that are in season is a huge plus, because much of it can be purchased at your local farmer's market. 
    For the full recipe and how to on this simple puree, jump on over to our friend at Joy Food Sunshine!

    2. Berry Pop-Tarts

    You're probably thinking, pop-tarts? Those are sugar filled, unhealthy treats for only those who are crazy! Okay, not really, but we're here to share this awesome recipe for pop-tarts that are, dare we say it, yes, healthy!
    There's even an optional vanilla glaze to top off this flaky, fruit filled pastry!
    Want to know how to make these perfect little breakfast deserts? Click here!

    3. Healthy Gummy Fruit Snacks

    Ever heard of agar? Neither had we until we discovered these healthy little, gummy fruit snacks. Having a snack that you can quickly grab and take with you that is not only healthy, but also vegan friendly and easy for your little ones to munch on can be difficult to find these days. Look no further though, these fruit snacks can be prepped and made in a total of 40 minutes! 
    Plus, give your little one options with a variety of four different yummy flavors!
    Fork & Beans sure knows what they're doing, check out their full recipe!

    4. Banana Blueberry Fritters

    Doesn't that just scream comfort? These 15 minute fritters are a delicious snack for both you and your little one! With only 3 ingredients, they are super quick and easy for any momma looking for a snack this fall! 
    For the full recipe, check out Healthy Little Foodies!

    5. Immune Boost Puree

    With the arrival of fall usually comes some sickness. Colds tends to pick up, germs seem to be everywhere and even the flu starts to appear. Boost that immune system with this delightful puree! 
    Great for babies and toddlers alike, the vitamins that carrots, oranges, apples, ginger and turmeric provide could be the thing that stands between you and sick little one. Taking only 15 minutes, you can whip a batch up and use, or stick in the freezer to save! 
    Baby Foode has all the details on the how to for this recipe and reasons how these 5 specific ingredients can benefit your tots!
    Have a tasty, vegan recipe you love to break out each fall? Maybe it's been passed down, maybe it's something you just stumbled across, either way, we would love to hear about it! 

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