5 Vegan Halloween Treats Your Toddlers will Love

Halloween is just around the corner! Our little ones love this holiday, and there’s no question why. They get to dress up, march around the neighborhood collecting treats, and spend time with friends and family. I can’t imagine it can get much sweeter for a toddler.

Of course, as vegans, we must also consider what kinds of treats we’re providing when it comes to the festivities. Nevermind store-bought candies or caramel apples… we get to be creative!

We’ve put together an awesome guide of healthy, delicious vegan treats that you can bring to any Halloween get-together. Celebrate the spooky season in vegan style, and stay 100% cruelty free in the process! What could be better?


Orange Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups


How cute are these completely fruit-based treats? A delicious twist on carving pumpkins, this treat involves making pumpkin faces with oranges and filling them with any berries or fruits that you please! Your little one will be so excited to eat their fruit when it looks so festive!


Halloween Roasted Veggies

Check out how adorable these roasted veggies are! If you have an eye for details, this treat is for you. Pumpkin shaped sweet potatoes, witch’s hat shaped beets… the opportunities are endless. Baked on a tray with a little olive oil and garlic? We’re hungry already! If you try this one out, we’d love to see!


Spiders on a Log

A delicious callback to our last blog post, where we featured ants on a log, this is a Halloween-twist that is filled with plant-based goodness with peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice) and celery! To create the little spiders, you can use raisins or cranberries. And to veganize this recipe, search for vegan dark chocolate and white chocolate on Amazon or at your local health food store. Delicious, and so cute!


Spooky Spider Sandwiches

Who can be scared of spiders when they’re as adorable as these PB&J sandwiches? Featuring nut butter, jelly, whole wheat bread, pretzels, and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips… these sandwiches are the perfect Halloween treat to present to our little ones before they dress up for Halloween festivities!


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Finally, there’s nothing that yells fall more than delicious, freshly roasted pumpkin seeds. After carving pumpkins with the kids, throw the pumpkin seeds on a pan in the oven with olive oil, and wait until your kitchen smells heavenly.

These are a delicious snack that the whole family will enjoy!

Halloween may be advertised as a holiday filled with candy and sugar, but there is room for delicious, nutritious vegan snacks to continue the fun. If you try any of these treats, let us know! We would love to celebrate with you.

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