8 Fall Crafts & Activities for Kids

8 Fall Crafts & Activities for Kids

Who doesn’t love fall? The color changes, the yummy snacks, all things pumpkin and if you’re lucky, cooler weather! With each new season comes new craft ideas! So we’ve got a list of 8 fun crafts and activities to do with your little ones this fall!

Whether or not you’re playing with pumpkins in 90 degree weather or 50 degree weather, it doesn’t matter! These activities and crafts are great for either!


1. Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a great way to get your little one’s mind going. Grab a tub and fill it with corn!

2. Pumpkin Carving

Instead of creating a sensory bin, just let your little feel inside of a pumpkin! That’s always fun, too! Grab a couple of pumpkins and help your kiddos carve a face or design out!

3. Pine Cone Owls

This adorable craft is one kids are sure to love! Not just to make, but to look at after! For the full instructions on how to make it and what you’ll need, visit our friends over at Broogly!

4. Fall Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to do with the whole family! Make a list of all your favorite fall things and head outside to start your search! Make it a learning lesson by giving a designated amount of each item to find (1 pumpkin, 2 leaves, 3 pine cones, etc.

5. Leaf People

This simple craft is great for a little laugh, all you need are some leaves, googly eyes and glue. Glue your eyes on to the leaves and let your little ones imagination roam!

6. Leaf Painting

What toddler doesn’t love their hands in paint? Grab a jacket, collect some leaves and crack open the paint! Simply tape the leaves on a piece of paper and let your little one paint all over the paper. Once dry, remove the leaves and the outlines of them will remain along with the beautiful paint job!

7. Nature Mobile

What you’ll need: string, twigs, pine cones, acorn tops, leaves, anything else “fallish” that you’d like (bells are always fun)!

Though you can create this any way you choose, it’s great to use one twig as the main twig and then having two or three twigs connected lower below it. Simply lay the twigs out in the order you would like, tie the string to the twigs, arrange the items out, then tie each item to the string. (This craft would be great to pair with the scavenger hunt.

8. Hedgehog Leaves

Grab some brown paper, cut a hedgehog shape out, use a black marker to make the face, then make a run outside to pick out some leaves. Glue the leaves on and ta-da! You’ve got a cute little hedgehog! 

Have some other fall crafts or activities you’d like to share? Let us know! 

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