Natural Baby Nursery Essentials

Natural Baby Nursery Essentials

When you become a parent, everything in your world changes. If you are concerned about unknown chemicals surrounding your baby, you aren’t alone. Luckily, there are so many awesome products out there that you can utilize when decorating your baby’s nursery. Below are some ideas and essentials for your nursery-decorating adventures. 

Cloth diapers

Reduce waste and say goodbye to exposure to Dioxin and Tributyl-tin! Cloth diapers are a great staple for any baby around. Best of all, you can save lots of money going this route. 

Check out some of the many cute styles by Mama Koala:

Organic loungers

Every baby needs a soft spot to relax every once in a while. Snuggle Me Organic offers a sensory lounger that is cozy, soft, and will fit with any nursery decor.

Wall decor

One of the most exciting parts about decorating a nursery is picking out the art that you will display. There are so many small companies that create awesome products that are focused on being non-toxic, so you can be confident about what you are putting up in your nursery.

This rainbow wall decals is plastic and PVC-free and non-toxic, made with love from Finland.


An unhappy baby is difficult for any mom to handle, especially when teeth begin coming in. We love having practical products on hand in our nursery to make big milestones like teething just a little bit simpler for our babies.

Check out these 2 in 1 spoon and teethers by Grabease. They are BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalates-free, latex-free, and FDA approved and perfect for soothing your little ones.


How can we say no to getting our littles prepared to explore the world in style? We believe in functionality, comfort, health, and compassion, which is why our shoes are made 100% vegan!

Our Baby N’anya shoes are made with vegan leather, are soft-soled, and will be a perfect addition for your nursery, with so many adorable patterns to choose from. They are a perfect gift for a mom that is expecting. Until the baby is ready to wear them, she can place them in the nursery as an adorable decoration, and a reminder that her little one is growing every single day! Then when they’re ready to take off, sport their Baby N’anya shoes, and start walking… well, the rest is history.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to customize your nursery and make it a safe, stunning, and cozy space for you and your baby. We hope our list helped you out, sparked some ideas, and got you dreaming!

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