Zero-Waste Diaper Bag Essentials

Zero-Waste Diaper Bag Essentials

It never hurts to strive to lead a more eco-friendly, compassionate, and green lifestyle. But, let’s be real... this doesn’t always align with the many demands of motherhood, especially with babies and toddlers. There is a lot of waste involved in typical parenting for littles: diapers, wipes, tons of clothes with lots of spills and accidents… us mamas mean well, but leading a natural lifestyle with tots can be a tall order!

In our experience, so much can be controlled and organized by what goes in our diaper bags. It’s an essential that we bring with us anywhere, and it can set the tone for a lifestyle that is as eco-conscious as possible, for the good of our babies, bodies, and earth. Once you have put together a natural diaper bag with all of the essentals, half of the struggle will be solved! You won’t have to think twice about it, because everything is already packed up, organized, and ready for you to use. 


Cloth diapers are a staple for many zero-waste mamas. There are tons of incredible resources out there about transitioning into cloth diapers if you’re new to the scene, but don’t fear! Even if the idea of handling cloth diapers is daunting, there are tons of ways to take big strides towards it, with services that can pick up your dirty diapers, wash and deliver new ones, and biodegradable diaper options.

No matter how you decide to pack your diaper bag, these options are all significantly more helpful than contributing to the estimated “20 billion disposable diapers... added to landfills throughout the country each year,” according to Baby Tooshy.

Great Cloth Diaper Brands:

    & Awesome Biodegradable Diapers:

       Wet Bags

      Whether you’re a cloth-diaper-using-mama or not, wet bags are an essential item for any diaper bag. They close with a simple zipper and can hold anything wet, from diapers to dirty clothes to wet washrags.This will keep your bag clean and fresh, while still allowing you to use all the products that reduce waste and require cleaning. No fuss, and so simple!

      Back-Up Clothes

      Our babies are so sweet, so cuddly, so… messy! It’s inevitable, accidents happen, and there will be times when it’s necessary to change your babe’s clothing… quick. We recommend having a spare outfit (or two) in your diaper bag at all times, to make those emergency situations just a little more manageable. 

      And while our kids go through lots of clothes between accidents and the mere fact that they are growing every day, there are tons of ways to reduce waste in purchasing clothing (and spare outfits like these) for your littles, like utilizing second-hand shops that specialize in quality items for babies and toddlers, like Save cash and help the planet out! Not a bad deal, if we say so ourselves.

      Wash Cloths

      Having a wash cloth on hand is so simple and useful. It can be used for boogers, spit ups, or sticky hands… no need for disposable wipes when you can use something so simple, practical, and economical!

      Hand Sanitizer

      Sometimes, a mama needs to use a little bit of hand sanitizer. When there’s no bathroom nearby and your hands need a clean, it’s helpful to have some hand sanitizer on hand, and is a staple of most mama’s diaper bags. Yet, those pesky little plastic bottles can be daunting. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your waste! Try buying hand sanitizer in bulk and using small reusable jars to pack just enough for your diaper bag. We love these glass pipette bottles that make carrying just enough hand sanitizer around so simple!

      Snack Packs

      Last but certainly not least… snacks! It’s so important to have snacks on hand--especially for you, mama--because you never know when you’ll need something to munch on. We love reusable snack bags (like these) which make it so convenient to pack whatever you can dream up, without any wasteful plastic sandwich bags needed!


      Do you have more natural diaper bag essentials? This list is of course not exhaustive, and we are always excited to learn more ideas and recommendations. We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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