When my daughter started crawling, I found myself looking for shoes without any leather material pretty much everywhere. I wanted a shoe that would be comfortable, easy to clean, well-designed and manufactured by a reliable factory.

Time and time again, my search for the perfect shoes led nowhere, but I found something else along the way - a deep desire for creating an entirely new product for the purest creatures on Earth.

There is something pure and magical about every living being at the moment that they are born. In this moment, the world has the potential to be a place that embraces them and expands to make way for who they are.

Sadly, among animals, this is not the case and, as I have become more attuned to life, my heart has expanded and it has created within me a deep love. In this space, there is love for the planet Earth and all living beings that share our universe.

Baby N’anya is the product of all of these thoughts and represents the idea that we can spread love throughout the world with pure intentions and cruelty-free products.

The creation process for our shoes has been fascinating, from the search for the right materials to build a thriving relationship with our factory. The end result is a shoe that any child will refuse to take off.

The factory is the cornerstone of the success of the product. The most important criteria for selecting a plant was an understanding and alignment of values with regard to the shoes and what they represent.

To our great fortune, we found our happy little factory in Peru, where the employees are attentive and respectful and believe in our vision. One of the amazing things about our factory is that it participates in a local women prison's rehabilitation program where these women actually help make our shoes as part of their healing process.

Together, we have created Baby N’anya shoes.