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Every pair of shoes you purchase helps a Sanctuary Farm save more animal lives

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As a vegan mom of 4, I’ve always kept my kids barefoot as much as possible for many reasons. I was so pleased to finally find vegan, waterproof and soft shoes. They are made of quality materials, are very comfy and my little toddler loves them so much. These are the only shoes he wants to wear now! We love them!

AndreaNew York City, NY

Not only are they cute and vegan, but they are also the only ones that helped my son learn to walk. No tripping with these beauties!!!! And they do not come off his feet!

CarolinaLos Angeles, CA

We ordered the Ginger Giraffe and we absolutely love it!!! My little one loves it so much that he refuses to take it off his feet. Thank you baby N'anya!

LironLas Vegas, NV

PETA-Approved and made from eco-friendly sourced materials

Inspiring compassion towards humanity, animals and the environment one baby foot at a time

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